film is not dead

Adam Lowe Photography / Film / Personal Work

I am a big advocate for personal work. On every travel trip, motorcycle ride, hang with friends and all the weird crap my wife and I get into, I take at least one of my film cameras with me to document my own personal life. Its 50% about learning new ways of shooting and seeing…

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FILM FILM FILM / NYC / Travel / Motorcycles / Fashion / Weddings

Summer Flea at Seventh Son Brewery Solo motorcycle trip to NYC to meet up with wife and friends. I lost half of a roll due to my Mamiya back opening in my bag 🙁 bummerThe beautiful Audra Banfield. Click here to view her full set of images from a 614 street fashion shoot I did.Wife!Good…

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San Francisco / Film / Mamiyma 645af / Travel Adventure

About a month ago, Claire and I headed out to San Francisco to shoot a wedding in Sonoma (will post the beautiful wedding in a few weeks). Our plan was to really have no plans and just see what we wanted each day (this was also during our 2yr anniversary!) . We got an amazing…

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